about the background

If you would like to know who is behind the CultureBase network, apart from the members, please take a look at the homepage > Become a member

Questions and answers about the CultureBase


In our FAQ section you will find answers to questions that frequently reach our support team. They are divided into main subject areas analogous to the tools and services you can use as a CultureBase member.
In the section > My Profile/Account, for example, you will find everything you need to know about your CultureBase account - registration, password, personal data.
Under > Events you will find tips on entering events with cb-event, as well as information on importing and exporting data via our event interfaces.

Why you should enter your venue or your institution, club or ensemble in cb-address and how to do it is explained in the section > Institutions and venues.

Last but not least, we explain how you can create and send your own > newsletters with cb-news and what you need to do to use the > mail services of CultureBase.

Please also note the > Copyright section, as copyrights must always be indicated.