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Informational self-determination

In the case of personal data, Kulturserver undertakes in particular to protect your privacy and to use personal information about you only in compliance with the applicable Federal Data Protection Act and the Media Services State Treaty.

All data concerning personal rights that has been transmitted to Kulturserver will be treated confidentially!

As a matter of principle, Kulturserver does not make this data available to third parties, partners outside the project, for use unless you have given your consent or Kulturserver is obliged to disclose this data, for example due to a court order.

If you create a user account and a so-called web business card for presentation purposes, you can decide whether your data concerning your personal rights will be published in full, in part or not at all in the CultureBase network. When publishing, you also have the option of publishing certain data selectively (telephone number, e-mail address, street, postcode).

Information of the right of personality refers here in particular to the right to informational self-determination. A right which, in the sense of data protection, grants the individual far-reaching autonomy and determination over "his or her data". We have compiled the sources with further information here

Wikipedia - Informational self-determination
Wikipedia - Right of personality
Wikipedia - Right to one's own image (German)

This is contrasted with freedom of opinion and freedom of the press, as well as the term "public figure".

Wikipedia - Public figure
Wikipedia - Admissibility of statements in reporting (German)

For more information, see also the article Personal data and the General Data Protection Regulation.

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