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The registration is the basis of the culture server partner network, to whose database CultureBase a large number of projects in the field of art and culture are connected. Registration therefore only needs to be done once. Your account can then be used for all connected partners and software areas.

Whether buying tickets, chatting, entering events or setting up your personal profile on the portals - the central CultureBase account from Kulturserver is the key to these services.

When registering, the username must be a valid email address. Older CultureBase members sometimes have other usernames, which are gradually being converted to e-mail addresses. We will contact you regarding this.

You forgot your password or you want to change it? We recommend to change your password for security reasons regularily.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

 You can reset your password by yourself if you know your username and entered a valid email address in the system. Click on login and enter your username.

Click on "forgot password". Then click on "access code by e-mail". If you click this button you will get a link via email. Please follow the steps in the email to create a new password.

How can I change my password?

Login with your account and click on your name.
Choose "Password" and enter a new password.

Why is my password not valid?

For security reasons passwords:

  • should have at least 8 characters
  • should contain letters, numbers and a special character
  • you have to enter the same password two times

Accepted special characters

In case you forgot your username or you didn't register with a valid email address please contact our support.
Afterwards please add a valid email address to your profile so we can contact you in case of questions.

You want to register a new account to use CultureBase?

Your first step is to click LOGIN on this page. Enter a valid email address as a username and create a password. Follow the next steps:


Where can I get more information how to register a new account?

Watch our Videotutorial (german only):
Video tutorial: how to register a new account | 2min

I cannot complete my registration. What can I do?

Check your password.

Did you follow our guideline for creating a new password? You can check in our guide for creating a new password: How to create a password

Java Script/Cookies

Check your Browser settings. Do you use a Java Script blocker or did you deactivate cookies? If so you need to deactivate the Java Script blocker and activate cookies in order to use CultureBase services.

Java Script:
Our registration process is based on Java Script. That's how we check if you entered a valid email address and telephone number

We use so called session cookies to remember if you are loggin in. That's why you can't register or login if you disable cookies. Check our general support page to learn how to deactivate cookies.

I didn't get a registration link. What can I do?

After your initial login through the portal you should recieve a link via an e-mail. Clicking on the link should confirm your login. In case you did not get an e-mail, please consult your spam-folder. 
Please keep in mind that the link only can be clicked once - afterwards it won't be usable anymore. 

Get yourself a new link

Using the forgot-passwort function you can demand a new link:
Delete the cache as explained here and reload the page (via F5). 
Now press Login and enter your account. 
Click on renew password and then on "create new password via e-mail". You will recieve a new link via e-mail. 
Now, DON'T click on the link. Rather right-click and copy it. Paste it into your URL window and press enter.

Login with another e-mail

If these steps aren't working, perhabs additional programms inside your mail-client are influencing the process. Try another login through a webmail adress, 
such as gmx, gmail or other. 

For entering your phone number, please consider the international format.

+49 30 00000

  • the country code is written without zeros, but with an "+" e.g.: +49 for Germany
  • the city code is set with a space and without the "0" e.g.: +49 30 for Berlin
  • please set your own number with another space: +49 30 2266xxxx
  • there are neither brackets nor slashes


This is necessary for a structured entry of your data and based on DIN 5008.

You want to update your contact data or edit your profile picture?

For this purpose please login on this page. By clicking on your name the userpanel opens. Please click on profile or my data to edit your data.




Check your general data and decide if you want to show your profile onlin


Enter and edit your address und contact data
Unter "Kontakt" and decide if you want to show this information online


Click on your entry to edit it.

The switch symbol shows you if your address data is published online. 



Click on pictures to edit and add new pictures 


You want to hide your address in the internet or you want to delete your data in culturebase completely?

You want to keep your account but want to hide your profile in the internet?

Follow the instructions about how to edit your profile.

How do I delete my account?

Please contact our support team via email:

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