General Tips

Here, we describe the best way to support you with a question or a technical problem. You will also get some tips on how to use our older tools in the transitional period until they are replaced. 

If you encounter a problem with the CultureBase tools that you can not solve yourself, a screenshot and a detailed error discription is often very helpful for us/ editorial staff to find the reason of the problem.

How do you make a screenshot with Windows?

When you have opened the corresponding page, press the "Print" button at the top right of your keyboard. Now, the screenshot is in the cache and can be inserted into an e-mail or a selected document. Click on the desired location and then the key combination "Ctrl + V". Save the file and upload it as an attachment in our support form

How do you make a screenshot on the Mac?

If you have opended the specific page, press the key combination „Cmd + Shift + 3“. Now the Screenshot is in the chache and can be inserted into an e-mail or a selected document. Click on the desired location and after it press the key combination „Cmd + V“. Depending on your system settings, the screenshot will be automatically saved on your desktop.
Save the file and upload it as an attachment in our support form.     

The browser is a computer program that displays web pages on the World Wide Web and allows you to "surf" the Internet. There are several programs, such as Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer (now Edge). Browsers differ in their functions, so it is possible that websites in different browsers are displayed differently. In this Google guide, you'll learn more about your browser, what it can do, and why you should always update it.

How do you find out which browserversion you have?

This information is noted in most browsers under "Settings", which are often symbolized by a gear wheel or a similar icon in the upper right corner of the browser. Click "Info", the question mark, "Help" or similar. If you can not find the appropriate menu item, google "Browserversion Firefox" for more instructions.

Mac users, for example, simply click Chrome in the menu bar, and then click "About Chrome". In the window that opens, your browserversion is displayed and if you have a current Update. 

How you can enlarge the view in your browser?

You have the possibility to reduce or to enlarge the view of web pages or programs. Use "STRG and +" to enlarge the view and "STRG and -" to reduce the view, press "STRG+0" to get the orginal size back. 

For Mac users, press the "Cmd" button.

To ensure the full functionality of our pages, we recommend that you always keep your browser version up to date.

The topicality of your browser influences the security, performance and speed with which you move on the net - not only on our pages. Regular updates make it difficult for criminals to access your personal data. Browser updates also close security holes that allow hackers to install viruses and Trojans on your device.

The Internet is constantly changing. We are also constantly developing new web applications. Unfortunately, many older browser versions cannot display this content correctly. To make sure you can enjoy the greatest possible comfort when working with Culturebase, we recommend that you check the browser version at regular intervals. The speed of the page and the loading times can also depend on the age of your browser.

Please check your browser version and update your browser if necessary.

You can look up how to find out your browser version under General Tips -> Browser

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A pop-up is a window that opens automatically when a specific action is performed. Pop-ups are often used for advertising, which is why modern browsers have a pop-up blocker. In previous CultureBase input masks, you can only fill certain fields with a pop-up, for example, if you want to open the login area of the cb-event tool. If you are having problems filling the input mask, make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.

How do you disable the pop-up blocker?

Pop-up blockers can be disabled easily. Since the procedure varies from browser to browser and our tools are primarily configured for optimal use via Firefox, only the deactivation for Firefox is described here:
     1. Open the menu and click on "Settings" 
     2. Click on the "Content" icon
     3. Control box "block pop-up window" disable or add the URL of the page which should allowed Pop- Ups. 
     4. Close the menu

It can happen if you worked intensive in one area of the page that it may lead to malfunction of the display of the website. To assess, if there is really an error on the webpage, you need to clear your browser cache first. Sometimes the browser does not realize that there are already new information on the server and shows the old datas from the cache.  

The browser cache is kind of a buffer for websites. If you go on Websites, different parts for example pictures, CSS- or JavaScript-Datas will be automatically saved on your hard disk. Later if you go back on the same website, different parts of the website are already downloaded. The browser uses the datas from the cache so that the website opened faster.  

Cookies are small datas from a website which are saved on your computer and for example the identification for a login allow. It is important to delete existing cookies – especially if your login failed a couple of times.

How to clear the cache and to delete the cookies is from every browser to browser different:

Mozilla Firefox

- press the keys Strg + Shift + Entf
- choose delete "everything" 
- make a hook by "Cache" and "Cookies"
- Click on "delete now"


- Click on the menu icon next to the address bar (three horizontal bars)
- Select "Settings"
- In the new window, select "Privacy"
- Under "Chronicle" click on "recently created chronicle"
- Select "Erase everything".
- Check "Cache" and "Cookies"
- Click on "Erase Now"

Google Chrome

- Press Ctrl + Shift + Del keys
- Under "Delete the following for this period", select the entry "Entire period"
- Enable "Cached images and files" and "Cookies and other site and plugin data"
- Then click on "Clear browsing data"


- Click on the menu icon next to the address bar (three horizontal bars)
- Select "More tools".
- Select "Clear browsing data..."
- Under "Delete the following for this period", select the entry "Entire period"
- Check "Clear cache" and "Cookies and other site and plugin data"
- Click on "Clear browsing data"

Microsoft Edge

- Press Ctrl + Shift + Del keys
- Check "Cached data and files" and "Cookies and saved website data"
- Click on "Delete"


- Click on the "..." icon at the top right
- Select "Settings"
- Locate the "Clear browsing data" section and click "Choose an option"
- Check "Cached data and files" and "Cookies and saved website data"
- Click on "Delete"


- Press cmd + Alt + E keys


- Choose "Safari" > "Preferences..." from the menu bar
- Go to the "Privacy" tab
- Under "Cookies and other website data", select "Remove all website data".
- Click "Remove Now"

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Clear browser cache in IE 11, IE 10 and IE 9:

- Press Ctrl + Shift + Del keys
- Select "Temporary Internet Files" and "Cookies" and then click "Delete"


- Click on the gear icon at the top right
- Select "Internet Options"
- Select the "General" tab
- Locate the "Browsing history" section. Click on "Delete..."
- Disable "Keep favorite website data" and enable "Temporary Internet Files" and "Cookies"
- Finally click on "Delete"

In some functions - like the palyback of videos that are only allowed in certain countries - there may be distrubances. Thus it may be necessary that we need a screenshot of your system to analyse the problems further. 

Your IP address - as well for the ipv6 and the ipv4 protocol - may be researched on the following page and forwarded to our support if necessary. Just copy the digits apperiang on the top line.

Call up the following URL:


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