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If you would like to know who is behind the CultureBase network, apart from the members, please take a look at the homepage > Become a member

CultureBase - Tools for everyone

Members of the CultureBase network can use various online tools that facilitate their tasks in the areas of press, public relations as well as marketing. They are available to artists and cultural creators, small cultural organizations such as large institutions. The basic version is free of charge.

We continually develop the tools and renew them, so that the usability is continually improved for you as a member. The payment for current expenses, including maintenance and further development of the technical infrastructure just works because of the network support. Within the scope of a cooperative financing model, CultureBase Maintenance benefit from many partners who participate on the infrastructure of CultureBase while paying a contribution depending on their assets.

How this model works exactly and how you can participate is explained in the CultureBase maintenance documents. We are grateful for every Support!

Cb-register will help you to register and to process your personal data.

  • registration for new members
  • data management for members (address, description, contact details, pictures, social media links, CV ...)
  • reset / update the password

> go to register6.culturebase.org

> FAQ registration

Through the event module you can enter event data. The Event module is integrated in the community-pages to capture data quickly.

  • enter events
  • link to event location 
  • assignment to different categories
  • enter a description text
  • upload images


Enter event now

Via cb-stage you can enter your event data more detailed. You also have the possibility to enter appointment series and daily cast lists.

  • enter productions and performance dates
  • Easy maintenance of daily schedule deviations
  • enter cast and link to personal records from the CultureBase
  • enter images, movies and sponsor
  • enter ensembles / orchestras
  • enter different texts such as description, work info, reviews, summary
  • enter ticketlinks
  • multilingualism

Attention: If you still use the old version of cb-stage, please do not change anything in the new cb-stage without informing us!

Via cb-stage you can also do the Date data import CSV-in a CSV and XML format.


> go to CB-STAGE
> manuals / instructions

Via cb-address you can enter the event location, organizer and institutions.

  • enter address entries as organizer, institutions, event location or ensembles
  • access to all CultureBase address records
  • editing existing data records
  • enter contact data, opening hours, description text, images
  • Assignment via a dedicated category system
  • multilingualism

> go to CB-ADDRESS
> FAQ cb-address
> manuals / instructions

Via cb-film you can upload movies and filmdetails.

  • filmtitle, working title, production country, years of publication
  • enter the cast, personal details and specific role assignment
  • enter the data of the participating companies
  • add content such as synopsis, reviews or press releases, also multilingual
  • upload the style of movie
  • broadcast date recording and automatic information transmission
  • upload filmdata
  • generation of web-compatible video formats

> go to CB-FILM
> manuals / instructions

Cb-pix is the central image archive. Via cb-pix you manage and organize your image files. In addition to the upload of image files in various formats, you can enter the image details and image rights. Furthermore you can add images to your events, texts and image slider on your website.

> go to CB-PIX

Create and send your newsletter via the free basic version cb-news.

  • free basic design
  • import / export of the distributor as well as manual processing
  • prepare a registration form to involve the newsletter on your website
  • possibility to extent the newsletter function to a premium function

> go to CB-NEWS
> FAQ cb-news
> manuals / instructions

 Via cb-webmail you can manage and send your emails free of charge and free of advertising.

  • webmailer based on Roundcube Webmail
  • IMAP
  • address book, sending e-mail attachments
  • multiple identities, absence notification

> go to CB-WEBMAIL
> FAQ cb-webmail
> manuals / instructions

Via cb-out you can create your export of event dates from the CultureBase.

  • export as CSV or XML
  • filtering by period, account, venue or city
  • export texts, picture and ticket links ...
  • standard export for 300 dates per download/tag
  • detailed interface description

> go to CB-OUT
> FAQ cb-out
> manuals / instructions

The cb-in tool is not longer supported. Corresponding functions are now integrated in cb-stage.

Via cb-webkit create a CultureBase-calendar modul for your website.

  • filter by account, event location or city
  • choice between different basic layouts
  • use of your own style sheets possible
  • embedding as iframe or php-include

> go to CB-WEBKIT
> FAQ cb-webkit
> manuals / instructions

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