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If you would like to know who is behind the CultureBase network, apart from the members, please take a look at the homepage > Become a member

Become a member


To become a member of the CultureBase network, you only need to register once. Then you can use all > basic tools via your account. The registration is free of charge and comes without obligations.

You will find a button to register immediately on most project pages just like on this page. On top of that, there is the central software > cb-register, which allows you to manage your personal data independently from individual projects. Simply register using the LOGIN button at the top of this page with a valid e-mail address.

For individual cultural creators and small partner structures, the use of the services of CultureBase is free of charge and should remain so. We ask all institutions of the CultureBase Network that work with a plannable budget unlike individual creators to participate in CultureBase Maintenance. This support network ensures the maintenance as well as the further development of CultureBase, in addition to government funding, for which CultureBase is constantly striving.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how participation in the network can be arranged for you. Please also read the FAQ of CultureBase Maintenance.

Read our > Terms and Conditions and our > Terms of Use here.