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If you would like to know who is behind the CultureBase network, apart from the members, please take a look at the homepage > Become a member

CultureBase-Tools for special cases

The CultureBase-Suite also includes a series of special tools, which can be costumized and integrated into web projects. 

CB-Project is used to enter and manage projects, for example in the context of cultural education websites. In addition to the option of entering descreptive texts and uploading images and video material. It also includes comprehensive categorization functions and functions for linking culture creators and institutions from the CultureBase with the project entry. 

go to CB-PROJECT (activation required)

With CB-Application, we offer a tool for online applications, which makes the communication and the administration around the procedure easier. 
A demo page you will find here:  application.culturebase.org.
We are happy to provide a test account and to introduce you to the online procdedure. 

CB-ML makes it easier to manage multilingual website content. Even for content of monolingual pages, that is not regulary changed, the software offers multiple useful options. For newer CultureBase website projects, which are based on the Content-Management-System CB-CMS, CB-ML is primarily used to name the navigation elements. 

go to CB-ML

For selected projects, the software enables prepress production based on defined CultureBase datasets. For example, on their basis some member manuals of associations were created.

Cb-mdb (CultureBase-Mediadatabase) still manages some extensive image collections in a small amount of projects. The software was replaced by > cb-pix.

CB-Note is a CultureBase notice system. With your CultureBase account you can create and showcase a guestbook on your website. 

Via cb-shopadmin you can offer your films for sale on our partner website onlinefilm.org.

  • release of the webformat to issue onlinefilm.org with freely determinable price
  • send a downloadlink for the video files with defined life via email

> manuals / instructions

With CB-TM, the CultureBase TeamManager, you can organize a large number of adresses, documents and other data for your institutions, organizations and associations. Additional functions such as the creation of group mails, serial letters or the printing of membership ards are available. 

For some time the organization of member adresses, creating and sending group mails and serial letters, has been possible for project administrators with the appropirate rights via > cb-register.

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