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If you would like to know who is behind the CultureBase network, apart from the members, please take a look at the homepage > Become a member

Partner network for artists, culture professionals and institutions

The basic idea of the CultureBase is:

  • to offer any individual artist an opportunity to present themselves and their work on the internet 
  • to support organizations and to represent their members
  • and through IT services to facilitate the internal workflows.

The main aim is to help cultural artistst to create a quality network without restricting the diversity of the art and culture scene.

The CultureBase offers artists and institutions the opportunity to present themselves and their work on the internet. You can use the > CultureBase tools to enter and edit a variety of information in the database, it inculdes a personal web business card, event dates, and information about facilities, projects and ensemble.

The information you entered appears on various portals of the CultureBase network. Thus, a multiple presence of each member on the Internet is automatically achieved. It also leads to a good Google Ranking and a better retrievability of each artist and institution. Furthermore the data can also be integrated into your own website.

As a result, the CultureBase partner network continues to grow. The coordination, support and further development are the responsibility of the foundation kulturserver.de gGmbH. The main offices are in Aachen and Berlin. The non-profit organization was created in 2001 by Ponton European Media Art Lab (forunder of the Kulturservers Niedersachsen) and the Fördervereins Art and Internet e.V. (initiator of Aachener Kulturservers heimat.de and developer of the CultureBase).

For the individual cultural artist and small partner structures is the use of the CultureBase service free of charge and it should stay like that. All institutions and multipliers of the CultureBase network who have a predictable budget, we kindly requested to participate the CultureBase Maintenance. The funding network and state funding enable the CultureBase network to realise constantly further development.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about the participation of the network. Please also read the FAQ of CultureBase Maintenance.

Make transparent where culture takes place
Present culture to a wider audience
Leave the sovereignty over the data by the members

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