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The DSGVO - General Data Protection Regulation

Information that directly or indirectly belongs to people is needed, recorded and managed in the CultureBase in very different ways. Since Kulturserver provides a variety of different services and performance in its CultureBase cultural database, not only the underlying technological structures are different, but also the way and form in which a "person" can appear in it.

The range is wide, from the description of people in artistic productions in which they play certain roles, to classical cultural workers with the intention of presenting themselves on the internet, to users who merely want to use newsletter services or buy a film, for example. In addition, the ability to change profiles is one of the important features of CultureBase.

We have therefore always endeavoured in our software architecture to ensure that users and members can not only view the data stored about them, but that this data can be selectively changed and made visible on the internet in a controlled process. We are still committed to this claim, and we are constantly working on the further development and improvement of this issue.

For everyone involved, the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation is a complex task. And you don't have to be a clairvoyant to imagine that many details, framework conditions and procedures will become more precise in the coming months and years. We therefore encourage our partner projects in particular to (continue to) subscribe to the Culturebase-News newsletter. This is the only way we can keep you up to date on adjustments and further developments in this area.

We have compiled information relevant to the GDPR in connection with CultureBase for you here on our support page according to the following topics:

Information that affects site visitors
Information concerning registered persons / users with an account
Proof of DSGVO conformity Culture server

If you have any questions about the DSGVO, you can contact us at datenschutz@kulturserver.de at any time.

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